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About The Japan Canada Society of Shonan
The Japan Canada Society of Shonan was established just after the signing of twin cities, Fujisawa and Windsor, in
December 1987. The goal of the Society is to promote friendship with citizens in Windsor as well as with The Canada
Japan Society of Windsor.


  市章とバラや桜の花を介しての交流 City symbol mark and gardens ogf Fujisawa and windsor

左は藤沢市のフジの文字を図案化した市章。 下の写真は江の島サムエル・コッキング苑と藤沢市内長久保公園

Left is a city symbol mark of Fujisawa d are esigned as "fuji" in Japanese Character. Photoes under the table are Neil Martin Roses at Samuel Cocking Garden inEnosima and Nagakubo Park in the City.

左はウインザー市の過去、現在、文化をシンボル化した市章。 下の写真はカナダの元首相の名を冠したポール・

Left is coat of arms that symbolizes Windsor's past, present and its culture. The bottom pictures are Neil
Martin Roses at Paul Martin (Ex-Prime Minister) Garden and cherry trees at Gateway Public Park in



Left: Samuel Coccking
Garden (Enoshima)

Right: Nagakubo


Left: Paul Matin Garden

Left: Gateway Public
Park in Windsor

協会の組織 Staffs of the Society 

 名誉会長  Honor President  乾 道雄  Michio Inui
 会長  President  栗原 義夫  Yoshio Kurihara
 副会長  Vice President  高橋 定暉  Sadaaki Takahashi
 副会長兼事務局長  Vice President & Secretary General  田口 迪子  Michiko Taguchi
 会計  Accountant  猪木 栄子  Eiko Igi
 会計  Accountant  徳江 邦子  Kuniko Tokue
 庶務  General Affairs  横田地 勝子  Katsuko Yokotachi
 庶務  General Affairs  平本 公男  Kimio Hiramoto
 監事  Audit  毛利 容子  Yoko Mouri
 監事  Audit  石井 博  Hiroshi Ishii
 顧問  Consultant  苗村 博  Hiroshi Naemura
 顧問  Consultant  星野 剛士  Tsuyoshi Hoshino
 顧問  Consultant  鈴木 富與子  Fuyoko Suzuki

連絡先 Contact   
田口 迪子  Michiko Taguchi
Phone   0467-31-1928
Facsimile  0467-31-1928

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ウィンザー市について   About the City of Windsor

 ウィンザーの小歴史 Short History of Windsor

In 1749, the first French to settle in Windsor were engaged in agriculture. Later, in the British-French war set in the colonies, the British troops won, and in 1791 approximately 10,000 Americans from 13 eastern US states emigrated to Ontario. Since then, the number of immigrants from the UK has increased, reaching the present. As a population increases, the area was established as a village in 1854, and ultimately gained city status in 1892.
 ウィンザーの特徴 Features of Windsor

ウィンザー市はオンタリオ州の南西部に位置し、カナダ最南端の都市である。市はデトロイト河に面し、対岸は米国の自動車産業中心地ミシガン州デトロイト市であり、その立地的特徴からウィンザーも自動車関連産業が多い。 市の面積は147平方キロ(藤沢市の2.1倍)、人口は22万人(藤沢市の約半分)で、緑の公園も多く、「バラの街」と呼ばれている。
Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and is located in south-western Ontario. Across the Detroit River is the city of Detroit, the worldcenter of automobile industry, and thanks of the next door city, Windsor has a lot of car related companies.
The of area of the Windsor is 147sq.kirometer (2.1 times of Fujisawa) and the population of the city is220 thousand (almost half of Fujisawa). Windsor has many parks and is known as "the city of roses).

ウィンザーの気候 Climate in Windsor

Daily max/min average temperature in winter season (Dec. to Feb.) in Windsor is about 10degC lower than that of Tokyo. And max. temperature in summer season (May to July) is only 2degC cooler. Windsor is not so humid in summer as the atomospher is dry in general. Precipitation in Windsor is almost even throughout a year and the amount of snow fall in winter is about 60mm in month. It is rather lower compared with most of the Canadian cities.